Grup Şirketlerimiz


  • Integrated Logistics Support (S1000D Technical Documentation, S3000L Logistic Support Analysis, HICO iPS.Suite)
  • Computer Based Training Systems
  • Biometric Systems (Eye-tracking: TOBII, EEG: Wearable Sensing & BitBrain, Physiological Body Sensors: TEA Ergo)
  • Network Security Solutions
  • Mobile Security Solutions

  •  VR-Based Training Simulations & Serious Game Technologies
  • Mobile Gaming Technologies
  • Animation and Video Content Production & Hologram Solutions
  • SimoVR: VR-Based Maintenance & Repair Training, OHS Training, Digital Orientation, VR-Based LMS 
  • Simovate Simulation: Business Process Simulation, Real-Time Data Collection & Analysis, AR-Based Digital Twin 
  • SimAI – Artificial Intelligence Framework: Predictive Maintenance, Scheduling, Demand Forecasting
Simsoft Technologies
  • Simulation Solutions; Driving, Special Vehicles, Marine, Military
  • AR/VR; Mobile Augmented Reality Apps, Maintenance and Repair Simulator
  • Serious Game; War Games, Tactical & Operation Games, Sim in Class

  •  Learning Management Systems: AI Supported Adaptive & Individualized Learning, On-line Classes, Simulator Integration
  • Decision Support Systems: Data Management, Future Prediction, Visualization & Reporting
  • Smart City Solutions: Holistic Parking Solutions,  Public Transportation Service Quality Evaluation, Fair & Museum Applications

  • Healty sorware, SEO & SEM, web design and health tourism
  • TeleHekim, a state-of-the-art telemedicine center, remote patient consultation, diagnosis and examination with secure digital communication channels